Top 6 Smart Home Technology, Automation and IoT Trends for 2020

Smart Home Automation
August 01, 2023

technology has ushered a new era, where every aspect of our life is touched by automation, AI, and IoT. According to research by the Statista, nearly 33.2% of households in the US expected to embrace smart home technology in 2019, and the demand for smart home systems expected to hit 53.9% by 2023. With the latest advances in IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation space, smart automation technology is just not limited to home or residential buildings anymore. Smart technology adopted for enterprise solutions is getting bigger and better than ever. Let’s find out what are the top 6 smart home technology, automation, and IoT trends on the horizon for 2020.

Rise of Multifunctional Smart Switches and Display

Bid adieu to annoying switches and welcome the smart touch switches and displays, which is going to make waves in smart home automation and IoT industry in 2020. From live video streaming to customized room scenes, smart switches come with endless possibilities. With these smart display and touch panels, a user can monitor the energy consumption of a building or an entire home. One of the pathbreaking features of this type of multifunctional display is that they come with voice- control that allows a user to automate the whole connected ecosystem, just with a simple voice command. Further, AI and auto-learning capabilities of these smart switches and display, gives a more secure and personalized home to the users, based on how they want their ideal smart home to be.

Good health is just a touch away

What is your most significant resolution this year? Eat healthily, sleep properly, and maintaining an active workout regime throughout the year. We often break most of these resolutions in the first week of the year itself. What if a smart health device can help you to make stronger resolutions and abide by the same? Yes, it is possible as, in 2020, smart wellness devices will be enhanced by the latest IoT and AI technology based on your psychological and behavioral data that will take care of your health better than before. As per the news report, the global smart wellness market will be worth USD 520.29 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 24.46%. This predictive AI assessment will help in implementing healthy habits, monitoring early signs of a disease and its prevention to make your life healthier and happier than before. Apart from tracking sleeping patterns, heart rate, smart wellness devices also help in indoor air quality monitoring. Smart wellness products are beneficial for the elderly and persons with disabilities. It helps in monitoring their activity and can trigger emergency alerts during the immediate medical intervention situation.

Office Automation is the Next Big thing

Millennials’ love for smart home tech is no longer unknown to us, and apparently, it has become one of the key factors that decide their future investments in real estate and properties. The popularity of smart automation in commercial buildings is gaining momentum at a steady pace. If we go by the market trend, office automation is equally popular among businesses that will be widely adopted in 2020. Firms who are investing in office automation solutions can save a lot on energy bills and improved performance by all electrical appliances due to predictive maintenance. The optimal temperature, automated lightings, temperature control as per changing climate outside creates a perfect workplace ambiance for the employees. With smart video doorbells, digital locks, and sensor cameras, keeping a check on any type of movement of employees, delivery agents, or any stranger across and around the office, can be easily tracked via a smart interface like smart displays, smartphone apps, etc.

The Power of Voice and Enhanced Linguistic Skill

‘Hey, Alexa! Roll Up the blinds’- Voice Control comes with exciting possibilities that can automate every aspect of the smart home automation system. The research by Deloitte predicted that the global industry for smart speakers, digital voice assistants, and the internet-connected speaker would be worth US$7 billion in 2019. Smart Speakers are quite popular in the US market, which accounts for 19 percent of adults have access to smart speakers. In 2020, the smart speaker is expected to gain equal popularity in various non-English speaking countries due to the expansion of its linguistic abilities. It is capable enough to distinguish between different voices, allowing multiple users to access the same device without much hindrance. Apart from the usual feature, like playing your favorite playlists, movies, turning on lights, smart speakers, and voice assistants in 2020 are expected to make your daily chores easier than before. Whether it’s alerting you about the unloading of the washing machine or activating party mode, smart speakers are getting smarter with a significant focus on energy-efficiency and sustainability without compromising on your comfort and convenience.

Intelligent Lighting Solution as you Like

A perfect start to refreshing morning begins with the exposure of our body to the natural sunlight. What if your home can fulfill this need? Smart lights adapt as per your pattern and circadian rhythm of the body to give you a perfect morning. The automated lighting solution works as per the changing needs of the different times of the day, weather conditions, or climatic changes. For example, the cool blue lights are perfect for the tough morning, while a warmer light in the evening is good for the ultimate relaxation at the end of the day. Apart from setting up mood lights as per the predefined preference of the homeowner, the future is heading towards smart lights powered with emotional artificial intelligence. The global smart lighting market will soon witness the introduction of lighting solutions dedicated to the psychological and behavioral patterns of the individual.

Smarter and Robust Security Solution

2019 was a remarkable year for the smart home security system, it will be more promising in 2020 with enhanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence that will give you a more robust and intelligent security system. With advances in digital door locks, smart sensor cameras, motion sensors, and smart video doorbells, the automation will begin right from the front door. In 2020, smart sensor cameras along with other smart security devices like video doorbell and a smart lock will be capable to detect anything unusual and prevent burglary attempt instantly faster than cops. You will see most smart digital door lock will have keyless access and lets a user create multiple virtual passcodes for that safer delivery of parcels or to give access to family members or guests only after due permission granted by the admin in the backend. Most smart sensor cameras will have enhanced night vision to detect any sudden intrusion at night or any suspicious movement around the house while you are away from home. Smart home security systems will empower you to monitor your home through an invisible smart eye, anytime, anywhere.

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