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August 01, 2023
Is someone trying to break in into your house? Worried about whether you have locked your main door or not? With Smart Door Lock, you can secure the main entrance of your home, even in your absence. See who is trying to access your front door, get real-time notifications in your phone and give limited access to people for specific reasons like parcel delivery, sales agent, contractor, guests, etc., especially when your kids or an elderly person is alone in the home. Here we have outlined a few reasons how smart door lock secures your home 24/7.

Why You Need a Digital Door Lock?

If you think smart door locks are luxurious and just a fancy addition in your home, then think again. With the increasing rate of crimes happening every second, it makes it imperative to invest in smart home devices that protect your home and your loved ones round the clock even in your absence. So why not add an extra layer of security. If you are partly convinced and thinking about reasons why you should own a smart door lock, then we have outlined some crucial pointers below that will help you to make a proper decision.

Front Door Automation from Anywhere

One of the key features of digital door lock is that you can lock and unlock it, anytime, anywhere. Unlike regular locks, smart door locks can work seamlessly sans any mechanical key most of the time. In case, every day you forget your home keys, want to be sure whether you locked your door while leaving for work in a morning jiffy, then you can do this easily via your smartphone. A few smart door lock comes with an auto-close and auto open, based on proximity or geofencing sensors, which detects a person’s location to an extent; in this case, usually, if you are within your home premise, you can unlock the door on its own via voice control. Also, you can set your unique passcodes and can change it anytime, if you feel any potential security threat.

Burglar Identified, Access Denied

Your door lock is the foundation of your home security, and it is usually prone to a break-in, tampering, etc. while you are away from home. Even keeping your spare keys hidden somewhere won’t be of much help either. As per an FBI report in 2017, 36% of the burglaries were attempted using spare keys. The smart door lock installed at the entry point of your home eliminates every possibility of any theft via activating alarms, and you get a notification on your phone which will alert you immediately about any security threat, so you can act instantly.

In Sync with Smart Home Security Systems

How amazing it will be if you can fortify your precious possession, you dream home without any manual intervention? The next-gen smart door lock, when integrated with the smart home security in your home, can turn this vision into reality. Based on scheduling your home for different times of the day like early morning, late afternoon, evening, and nighttime, you can customize your entire home security system with your smart door lock. For example, the moment a trespasser is trying for a possible break-in via your smart lock, you get a notification on your smartphone. Simultaneously, your smart video doorbell and sensor camera along with motion sensors detects this unwanted presence and starts performing their respective functions.

Virtual Passcodes for Guests and Family

What to do if different family members come home at a different time? What if you have unannounced guests at home, while you are at work? It is not always safe to hide the extra spare keys under rugs or mats. A digital door lock makes your life easier by letting you create multiple virtual passcodes for your guests and loved ones, so they can be at their ease and feel the same warm welcome even when you there at home.

Safe and Secure Parcel Delivery

Excited and eagerly waiting for your new pair of shoes? But unfortunately, you are not at home? Even your neighbors won’t be of much help. What if you can coordinate with a delivery agent in real-time, even in your absence? With Smart Door Lock and Smart Home Security Systems, you can speak to the delivery boys via your smartphone, which is integrated with your smart home security system. Once you are assured about their identity, you can create virtual passcodes and give limited access to a delivery agent to drop your parcels safely within your home or somewhere near your home premises.

A smart door lock is much more than your ordinary door lock. This device can be installed quickly, comes in a retrofit design, and makes a perfect statement piece for your home along with amplifying security. The secret to robust home security is a home which will be immune to all possible security threats that starts at your front door. And the digital door lock is that unsung hero who works seamlessly along with other smart security devices to protect your home and your family in every possible way.

Upgrade to Smart Door Lock for the ultimate peace of mind!

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