Hogar Controls

Founded in 2015, Hogar Controls is a global design-first smart home and building automation company delivering powerful solutions for residential, hospitality and commercial markets.

In 2018, Hogar Controls launched in the U.S. with the Milo Smart Home Speaker – the first-ever combination Smart Home Speaker to include both voice functionality with the Google Assistant as well as support for Z-Wave Plus devices.

Hogar’s full line of sleek smart products offer homeowners, retailers and professional integrators stylish solutions that afford user-friendly control and a wide ecosystem of product choice to allow individuals to connect what matters most.

Our Vision:

At Hogar we believe in Smart home products that are stylish Holistic smart home solutions User-friendly control through app, touch and voice A wide range of ecosystem choices

For press inquiries, please contact hogar@castercomm.com

For general product and sales inquiries, contact info@hogarcontrols.com

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