Why Alexa works best with Hogar Controls® smart home system

Why Alexa works best with Hogar Controls® smart home system

The Amazon Echo has been something of a revolution for voice-controlled gadgets, taking them from gimmicks to greatness, but thanks to its integrated voice assistant, Alexa, it’s become the device that’s finally made smart home devices accessible to everyone.

The difference is that you feel like you’re talking to a person rather than a digital assistant. Not only does Alexa have a human name, but she also has a sense of humour. Alexa’s far-field voice recognition removes some of the social anxiety around conversational interactions. Pair with our award winning all in one smart home controller, Hogar Controls® Home Controller Pro,  will bring voice control to everything from lamps to fridges and playing nice with products ranging from robot vacuum cleaners to shower heads – yes, seriously, it’s quality as well as quantity.

Hogar Controls® smart home system along with Amazon Alexa will work smoothly in a sea of connected thermostats, smart security devices and lighting that you can control from your phone. It’s the Hogar Controls® open nature and compatibility with Z-Wave, Zigbee and Wi-Fi that makes this combination with Alexa, the best Voice control smart home solution out in the market.


Just plug it and get started!

Smart design. plug-in living · Eco-friendly · innovation & functionality · low energy costs · fast installation · basic and/or advanced features · complete smart home system. Reliability · Leading-edge technology · Easy, elegant control · Quality Service & Support. Hogar Controls® provides quality products and services that improve your entertainment, comfort and overall life style.

With Home Controller Pro you will get customized control for your lights, shades, music, temperature, security, & much more


The future is voice. When you pair Hogar Controls® Smart Home System with Amazon Alexa, it only takes your voice to do it all: change the temperature, turn off the lights, lock the doors, arm the security system, and start off to a great day. If voice controls is what you are looking for then Hogar Controls is the right choice for you!


Hogar Controls is one of the leading providers of a luxury all in-one Smart Home Controller that rivals the elegance and power of all other smart home systems.

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