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Your friends are in town to surprise you while you are busy running errands and nobody at home. We at Hogar Controls believe in limiting your problems and in search for new ways to solve them. Hogar Controls VDP bell won’t let you miss out on anybody. Using our Video Doorbell, answer your visitors, welcome your guests, interact with them as if you are at home.

The video doorbell comes with a range of features, intuitive app, and a sleek hardware design. It’s just the right device to equip your house with better security, make it smarter and welcome your guests. VDP bell extends its features from providing proper protection to your home to a weatherproof hardware.

Let’s look at the rich functionalities VDP bell offers:

Convenient to use: Easy installation process without any tools or professional help. So, you can just install, relax and manage your front door.

App-driven: VDP app connects you to your front door through your smartphone. Setup, control and operating the system is entirely using the intuitive, iOS/Android app.

Simultaneous Notification: Looking out for each other has never been this easier as the entire family receives notifications regardless of their locations about any visitor knocking at your door.

Snapshot or record video: Take picture or record video with local and cloud storage support, so that nobody can mess with your house.

Quick connection: VDP Bell readily connects with Wi-Fi network.

Trouble-free communication: VDP Bell provides faster communication with your visitor. Now, you are as good as, you are at your front door.

Illuminated button: Illuminated touch button for easy access to your Guests, so that they are comfortable with the system.

Weather-proof hardware: Weather resistant speaker with IP55 weather-proof Housing to protect your VDP Bell from harsh conditions.

Extensive angle HD Video: Provides a wide-angle HD video accompanied with night Vision IR LEDs with IR cut.

Security: It can work as a motion sensor, which senses the motions and sends the pictures to your smartphones so that you can verify your house’s safety.

With all these varied features, it’s not easy to ignore a smart doorbell like VDP doorbell for your doorstep. Want to get hold of one? Contact us today to make your home smarter.
Look out for us at CES 2018, Las Vegas for our upcoming products. For more information look at Hogar Controls.


Hogar Controls is one of the leading providers of a luxury all in-one Smart Home Controller that rivals the elegance and power of all other smart home systems.

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