Unexpected Guests? Just say, “Set Movie Night” to change the mood of the house

How awesome would it be to make your guests feel at home, just by saying ” Set Movie Night” to change the mood of your house!!

Now, its easy to call your friends and family to your home or even attend to unexpected, last moment guest drop ins. Hogar Controls Smart Home system combined with any of your smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod Siri, Google Home can easily allow you to create scenes according to your moods and set them on or off, triggering a series of actions that will change the mood of your home entirely in seconds.

Set up and Installation is easy and takes only minutes. As the system is entirely wireless and works on the most popular home automation protocols like Z-Wave and ZigBee, no additional wiring is required.



Hogar Controls is one of the leading providers of a luxury all in-one Smart Home Controller that rivals the elegance and power of all other smart home systems.
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