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Touch panels are input-and-output devices with electronic visual displays and touch interactivity. Hogar SmartTouch panels are inbuilt with relays for on/off control of loads such as lights, fans, and TV sockets etc. Every button is connected to a relay where a load up to 16 Amps can be connected.

Yes. Hogar SmartTouch panels give you a red indication when the load is “on” and a blue indication when it’s “off”.

By calculating the number of circuit loads available at your existing switchboard & its module size, you can choose your appropriate touch panel.

Our SmartTouch panels range from single-touch panels and dimmers with on/off and dimming functions to  two-, three-, four-, eight- and ten-touch button panels. We also have variants that include 1-2 socket slots. Electrical accessories such as USB, telephone, data, HDMI, TV, fan regulator etc. can also be used in the socket slot. Visit our SmartSeries products page for more details.

No. Your existing wiring does not need to be altered for any Hogar product. We would either replace your existing switchboard with the SmartTouch panel of your choice or insert matchbox-sized modules behind your existing switchboard.

For one-,two-, three- and four-touch panels, a two-module back-box size is required.

For a four-touch + 1 socket panel, a four-module back-box size is required.

For eight-touch & ten-touch panels, a six-module back-box size is required.

For ten-touch + 1 socket panel, an eight-module back-box size is required.

For ten-touch + 2 socket panel, twelve-module (6×6) back-box size is required.

All the above are suitable for Indian standard boxes. For other standard touch panels, back-boxes of corresponding module sizes should be used.

EU (European), AU (Australian), US (American) and BS (British Standard)

No. All our touch panels are compatible with all standard brand metal/flush back boxes. For country/region-it varies, check product specifications.

Not unless the touch panel is used for purposes other than normal electrical switching. For example, if you want your touch panel to dim lights and regulate fans, a dimming insert module would be required. If the touch panel is to be used for curtain control, a curtain insert module is required.

Contact Hogar customer care and follow the warranty procedure as directed by them. If you are not covered under warranty, our customer care can put you in touch with a certified Hogar system integrator who could address the same.

Contact customer care to assess the extent of damage. If only the glass plate has cracked, you can purchase a replacement glass plate from us.

Yes. We have an inbuilt fuse between the incoming power & relay contact.

Yes. The front-side digital PCB inside each Hogar SmartTouch panel works with a mere 5V of DC power, which can’t cause an electrical shock.

Not necessarily as a minimum of 3 months server backup could help restore your earlier programming/ configuration.


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