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Sweet dreams are made of these

Your baby has graduated to sleeping in her own little room with her teddy for company. Hogar Motion Sensor will sense the smallest movements and know if she is having a peaceful night of sleep especially after the monster story that you read to her.
Smart Safety Solutions - comfortable sleep
Smart Safety Solutions at Finger Tips

With family, safety comes first

Your home is your safe haven. But there are dangers lurking nevertheless. A gas leak at home could be devastating – which is why a gas sensor in the kitchen can alert in-time with a loud alarm, as well as on your phone and help you react fast to safeguard your family.

A smart sentry when you are sunning by the sea

A relaxing holiday should be just that. With Hogar’s vibration sensor you will be alerted to every closing/opening of your doors/windows at home right on your mobile.
Smart Safety Device

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Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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