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Enjoy a good read

If you are in the middle of a book and feel sleepy, you don’t have to walk around the house to turn the lights off and secure your doors. One tap on your Pebble and it’s all taken care of. It’s magic!

Home Automation Controllers Family at Home

For some peaceful downtime with the family

Planning a family outing with your loved ones? The only thing on your mind should be the fun that you will have. Walk out with no worries with the KeyFob in your hand – just a single click to secure your home.

The queen bee in
the room

You can’t be the center of attention, when EEVA is in the room. With built-in Alexa – you say it and EEVA does it. It’s magic!

Works well with

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Smart control series

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ATRIO (Zigbee)