Smart, Comfortable and Convenient. Hogar Controls® makes all this possible.

Smart, Comfortable and Convenient. Hogar Controls® makes all this possible.

Being comfortable encompasses more than just adjusting the temperature. Control humidity levels, automate shades, power on the hot tub on your way home, and program your entire house for maximum energy efficiency. Hogar Controls® Smart Home system works with the world’s leading brands, so it’s easy to integrate your home with radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel and geothermal solutions.
Enjoy a consistently comfortable and inviting home that  automatically responds to your life and maximizes energy savings.

Wireless thermostats maintain consistent temperature and humidity control, regardless of the time of day or season.

Enjoy personalized comfort settings and scenes that can be recalled on a schedule or with just a few taps on your phone.

Pool and spa control solutions make it easy to turn on the heat, set the temperature or crank the jets instantly, right from your smart phone.

Fireplace sensors are easily controlled from any device within the home. Activate the customized “Romance” scene and enjoy.

Program your motorized window shades to lower during the hottest hours of the day, saving on air conditioning costs.

Automate your sprinklers and lawn systems to respond to weather conditions.

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Personalized comfort settings can be set and recalled with just a tap on your phone.

Hogar Controls is one of the leading providers of a luxury all in-one Smart Home Controller that rivals the elegance and power of all other smart home systems.
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