Multi Sensor

Product Code – HS-MS-ZII

The Hogar Controls true Multi Sensor can monitor movement inside the home and when paired with Home controller it can send alerts, trigger other lights or do an activity when a movement is detected. With high sensitivity multi-Sensor functionality it can also monitor temperature, Humidity and light simultaneously.

Sense everything.

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The four in one door multi sensor incorporates 2200mah battery in the extremely small housing. The battery can last up to 1 years. In addition to PIR sensor, it can periodically update temperature, lux and Humidity level.

  • Working Voltage: 3V DC
  • Static Current: <16ua
  • Working environment: 10d to +50d
  • Sensor dimension: 70x32mm
  • Detection range: 9-12m
  • Detection angle: 110 deg
  • Height: 2.1m
  • Radio protocol: Zigbee 1.3 or Z-wave Plus
  • Radio signal power: max 1 MW