Home Controller Pro

Product Code – HC02

Tough n Tiny

A dedicated Hub with all smart home control features. Small enough to fit in to any power outlet, yet powerful enough to control whole Home devices. With easy setup, smart home is always just one push of a button away.

Just plug it and get started!

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The Hogar Home Controller Pro uses ZiGbee, Z-wave & Wifi to connect and control all components of smart home and ensure they work with each other without any hitch. Compatible with all* certified ZiGbee / Z-Wave Multi channel Relays, Dimmers, Touch panels, thermostats, valves, Sensors, IP cameras, scene activators, IR controllers, Multi room Audio Players, Locks.

Intuitive Interface

With intuitive web and smart phone/Tablet interface, HC pro provides ease and smartness to control everything in home. Check summary, get important alerts, Assign rules, Monitor, Control, and make your Home work for you the way you like.

Extended wireless range

HC Pro has an optimized transceiver antenna so that the wireless range can achieve up to 200 meters on open area.

One click inclusion

Whether it’s 2 devices or 200 devices, HC pro can add all the Hogar control devices in one go using advanced auto network inclusion mode**.

*All standard ZiGbee and Z-wave command classes are supported, few manufacturer specific classes many not support at this moment. Contact support for more details about compatibility list.

**This function only works with Hogar control mains powered devices like Touch panels, dimmers, Curtain modules, RGB controllers.

  • Support ZiGBee, Z-Wave Plus, Wifi
  • USB 3.0 for 3G/4G support
  • Support Video Intercom
  • Easy inclusion button
  • Multi hub setup for large installation
  • 264 support for IP video
  • Google Home, Echo Voice gateway support
  • Modbus, RS485, Bacnet integration support
  • Smart Alerts
  • Smart Rules
  • Smart Phone app for Android/ iOS
  • Cloud support for remote access
  • OTA Auto firmware update
  • 3/Z-Wave Plus/Wifi/3G/BLE 4
  • Atmel 580Mhz processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • 32MB Flash
  • USB 3.0
  • RJ45 10/100 LAN Port
  • Working voltage 110~220VAC
  • EU/BS/US Plug type