Partner Resources

Digital Resource Drive

All Partner get access to our vast content repository based on our Zoho ERP portal. The digital resources drive contains:

  1. Product manuals
  2. Product Datasheets
  3. E-brochures
  4. Leaflets
  5. Branding assets
  6. Product certifications
  7. Social media post bundles
  8. Videos
  9. Digital Imagery
  10. Product imagery

All the assets are available 24×7 to all our partners and partners are welcomed to add their branding on the assets (see brand policies for details).

Partner Support Desk

Partners get access to our Zoho-based support desk. This enables partners to raise tickets while installation, troubleshooting, product replacements & warranty-related services. Tickets are assigned to the concerned department within 24hrs and resolved as per the nature of the request. The service itself is available 24*7 and all authorized partners through credentials provided to our ERP portal.

BOQ Tool

We have developed a “Bill of Quantities” tool exclusively for our partners. This tool enables partners to generate Hogar branded quotes for customers with registered partner firm names mentioned in it. The tool is simple to use, and all our SKU’s are listed with relevant pricing to generate a quote as per project requirements. This ensures our partner’s authenticity with the customer. 

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