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Going for an extended vacation, but not sure about how to strengthen the security of your house. What do I do? How do I do it? Should I put a security camera? What happens if the battery runs out? Will it have a clear view during the night? Will it record 24/7?

We at Hogar Controls believe in finding a solution to all your security issues, and hence we are here with Hogar motion sensor camera. It is built with a compact design combining HD video and PIR motion sensor with dual power mode which gives the best Home security when you are away, asleep or there at home.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the amazing features:

Wire-Free – The wire free compact allows the camera to be used anywhere in the house.

Security – Inbuilt motion sensor detects the motions and sends the snapshots to using smartphones.

Dual power mode – Powered by dual power mode.

Long battery life – 18650 mAH intuit rechargeable battery with the advanced algorithm to save battery.

Quick response – Advanced embedded system design for fast event reaction and push notification to all the family members.

Local and cloud storage – Every event is stored on the local SD card, or you can also save everything in public cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox so that you can take a look if your camera gets stolen.

Video – Captures HD quality video of every event to ensure you are not missing any moment.

Easy setup – Just requires few minutes to install the device without any professional help. Just import device’s unique DID and preferred the name to secure your house from an intruder.

App PIN-lock – The motion sensor is provided with a Personal PIN lock for privacy and safety.

Weather-proof hardware – Weather Resistant Speaker with IP55 Weather-Proof Housing to save the sensor camera from extreme conditions.

Extensive angle HD Video – Hogar motion sensor camera provides a wide-angle HD video accompanied with night Vision IR LEDs with IR cut.

Security cameras are complicated to build and harder to do it right. But, Hogar control motion sensor camera provides complete security to your home. Want to get hold of one? Contact us today to make your home smarter.

Look out for us at CES 2018, Las Vegas for our upcoming products. For more information look at Hogar Controls.


Hogar Controls is one of the leading providers of a luxury all in-one Smart Home Controller that rivals the elegance and power of all other smart home systems.

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