Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our Hogar smart home systems. It is our responsibility to protect the personal information that is collected, processed and used within the products and services of Hogar Controls.

Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd is committed to protect your privacy and your personal information. This Privacy Statement informs you of our privacy practices and of how your personal information is protected. Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd strongly supports the fundamental rights to privacy, data protection as well as staying compliant with national and international privacy laws.

Below is an explanation of what data is collected during your use of products and services from Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd and how it is used. These notes on privacy policy only apply to the use of services and products of Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd as well as the connection of Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd

products and services with the Amazon Alexa voice service.

The Privacy Policy is valid in addition to the General Terms and Conditions as well as other directives of Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd (

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information We collect.
  • How We collect and use that information.
  • How You can provide information selectively, and how You can access and update this information; and
  • How We process, share and protect Your information.
  • Contact Details and your Rights

1. Information we collect

The Application is owned and managed by Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd whose registered office is at Hogar Controls Plot No.3, IDA Uppal, Habsiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039 India. This Privacy Policy applies to all users accessing or using Our Application.

2. Data Protection Officer's name and address


C/0 Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd
Plot No.3, IDA Uppal, Habsiguda,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500039, India

Phone: Tel.: +91-8448440789

3. Your rights

You may receive information about your personal data that we store at any time, free of charge. You do not need to give reasons.

If personal data is inaccurate or no longer needed, you can also block, correct or delete such personal data by contacting us.

You can revoke your consent to us at any time. As a result, we may not continue the processing based on this consent for the future without affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent until revocation. If you consider that the processing of your personal data is in breach of data protection rules, you may, without prejudice to administrative or judicial remedies, apply to a supervisory authority, in the geographical jurisdiction in which you are established or in which the alleged infringement took place.

II. General information regarding data processing

1. Personal data

Personal data include information such as name, address or e-mail address, password, home name (provided which can be associated directly to you personally.

2. Data collection and storage and Processing Activities


The Hogar product range includes various products for climate control, security applications as well as light and shutter control, fan controllers, light controllers, fire alarms, smoke alarms, IR Wi-Fi. Therefore, single components like dimming actuators etc. are connected to the Hogar Access Point. You can then use the Hogar app to control each component individually. Single devices are configured by the Hogar cloud service, which is run exclusively on servers of Hogar located in India and therefore complies with Data privacy laws of India. If any customer used to control his electrical appliances through Alexa.

During the configuration and operation of the Hogar devices, the following data is collected and stored:

  • Serial number as well as features necessary for operation like firmware version of the Hogar Gateway, device configuration made by the user or installer.
  • Room descriptions as well as allocations of devices to rooms.
  • Device model and operating system version of the smartphones used
  • Configuration of the function modules (light & shade, climate control, security control, automation)

For the “acquisition of measured data” function it is required to save the status values of a device (e.g., current power of a pluggable switch and meter) over a longer period. Via the smartphone app, the user defines for which devices the “measured data” is saved. If the user has not selected anything, no data will be saved.

For the use and operation of the Hogar system without connection to the voice service of Amazon Alexa, these data are used only on servers of Hogar in India for the technical implementation of the Hogar systems. The information is not disclosed to third parties. Your data is not personalised.


In addition, you can connect your Hogar smart home system to the Amazon Alexa voice service. Certain data for executing the voice commands used by you can be requested by Amazon when using the Amazon Alexa voice service. The following data will be forwarded to Amazon:

  • Serial number of the Hogar Access Point.
  • Serial number / room description of all devices connected to Hogar Controls Pvt Ltd.
  • Description of the corresponding room.
  • Manufacturer’s name of the corresponding device.
  • Model description of the corresponding device.
  • Version number of the corresponding device.
  • Amazon Alexa voice commands supported by the devices.
  • Status information of the corresponding device.
  • Current availability status of the devices

The data is transferred to Amazon by Hogar on a non-personally identifiable basis. It may be possible, however, that Amazon collects data via the connection between the Amazon Alexa voice service and Hogar that is included in both services, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of zAmazon ( )


After connection has been established to Amazon Alexa (according to 2b), the proactive transmission of device states to Amazon Alexa is supported to increase the response time to requests and to display information about the Hogar system in the Amazon Alexa app. Therefore, relevant status values of a device must be transferred to Amazon not only when controlling devices via voice command using Amazon Alexa, but also whenever the status of devices changes. Status values include, for example:

  • The switching status of switch actuators.
  • Brightness values of dimming actuators.
  • Availability status of the devices

For allocation of data transferred to Amazon, a key that belongs to your connected Amazon account is stored on the Hogar servers. The data is transferred to Amazon by Hogar on a non-personally identifiable basis. It may be possible, however, that Amazon collects data via the connection between the Amazon Alexa voice service and Hogar Controls that is included in both services, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of

3. Processing and use of personal and other information

The data stated in sec 2a is collected on a non-personally identifiable basis for the operation of Hogar devices.

The data stated in section 2b and 2c is transferred on a non-personally identifiable basis by Hogar to Amazon for the implementation of the voice commands used by you during operation of the Amazon Alexa voice service. Hogar Controls does not receive any analysis by Amazon about the data collected by Amazon.

Further, you agree and acknowledge that Your Information may be transferred, stored and processed outside India.

How do we protect your personal data? We are committed to keeping your personal data secure and take all reasonably necessary precautions and follow industry best practices to do so. We implement all necessary organisational and technical measures in line with this personal data protection policy and applicable laws and regulations to protect your personal data against any unauthorized access and modification, disclosure, loss or destruction. We make sure that the service providers adhere to the data processing and handling regulations if they are involved for any reason

4. Your rights

If you do not want your in accordance with sec 2b to be transferred to Amazon, you must deactivate the Hogar skill from your Amazon Alexa app. In this case, the authentication key expires, and Amazon would no longer be able to request any data according to sec 2b. Please note, that in this case you will no longer be able to use the Amazon Alexa voice service for controlling Hogar Controls.

You may request information about what data of yours we have stored, why we stored it and where we got it from. According to the relevant legal provisions, you also have the right to have your personal information corrected, blocked or deleted. You may request/seek to have your personal information corrected, blocked or deleted via

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update, change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. The Privacy Policy shall come to effect from the date of such update, change or modification. If You continue to access or use the Application and/or Our Services even after any such changes have been made, it would be deemed to be Your implied consent to the changed Privacy Policy.


We cannot ensure that all Your Information including Personal Information will never be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, although We are committed to protecting Your privacy, we do not promise, and You should not expect, that Your Information or private communications will always remain private. As a user of the Application, you understand and agree that You assume all responsibility and risk for Your use of the Application, the internet generally, and other third-party communications networks, and the information You post or access and for Your conduct on and off the Application. You agree that Hogar Controls will not be liable for any damages for any loss of privacy occurring in communication over such networks.

Grievance contacts information

In accordance with the IT Act and rules made there under, the name and contact details for any Grievance, please contact